Q. Why is this journal useful?

A. Cycles Journal helps you understand your unique patterns and cyclical nature better. Predict dates that are usually harder emotionally or physically, plan around them, notice if moods are re-occuring during certain times, notice when something seems irregular, journal to release, and help yourself to avoid overdoing it during sensitive times.

This journal is here for you to have a safe space to return to often; a safe space to journal and track your reality; a physical reminder to care for and pay attention to yourself.

Q. Is this journal necessary?

A. Nothing other than our basic human needs is necessary. But I do believe that the more we understand ourselves, the happier and more whole we feel, the better we function. We typically cycle through monthly, and even if we aren’t bleeding we are still experiencing hormonal influence. This is a huge part of our lives, so why not aim to better understand how you experience yours? This journal is a tool that will help you for an entire year.

Q. Who is this for?

A. People with uteruses, no matter their gender, age, flow, etc. Those who bleed, once bled, or wish to bleed again.

This journal is suitable and intended for all who bleed, regardless of age, gender-identity, sexuality, or any physiological traits. This journal is a safe space.

Q. What if I don’t bleed currently? Is this journal for me?

A. This journal is for anyone with a uterus, regardless of what it does. While it is geared towards those who are menstruating, there is no reason someone in pre-menopause, menopause, pregnancy, or with an inconsistent cycle couldn't use this. You can use it for any kind of symptom tracking by just changing certain symptoms to your own!

For those of you who take a form of hormonal birth control but don’t bleed or experience inconsistent cycles because of it, I’d say this journal can be extra helpful! This journal can help you track altered or irregular cycles. It can also help you track naturally if you use natural forms of birth control.

For those of you who are in the years that you should be bleeding, but don’t, this journal can also help you! You still experience hormones and other influences of flow, so track away!

For those of you who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or trying to prevent pregnancy, this journal can help you track fertility and other symptoms you may be looking out for!

For those of you who are pre- or post-menopausal: this journal can help, although it is geared towards those menstruating.

  • If you yourself can’t use this journal, it still is a great gift for:

    Daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, friends, cousins, lovers. First time bleeders, those tracking fertility, those with inconsistent flows, or anyone in the world with a uterus.

  • Time Zones & Hemispheres

    I live in the Eastern US time zone of the northern hemisphere, and this is where I base all of the calendar traits such as solstices/equinoxes, moon phases, astrological placements, and dates.

    I’ve had questions in the past if this is for someone who lives in the southern hemisphere. I mention this because it’s up to you. If you’re okay with it being slightly different since we have opposite solstices and experience moon phases by a few days or hours difference, than I say that this journal would still be just as useful for you!

  • Disclaimer:

    This journal is not a replacement for medical diagnosis or visits to the doctors you usually attend. All information in this journal is written with care, research, good intention and experience; but this does not replace that you or your doctor may know what’s best for you.

  • Please don't hesitate to reach out to me about any further questions or concerns! :)