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Cycles Journal 2020

Cycles Journal is an illustrated guide to tracking your menstrual cycle alongside lunar influence. It is a companion for those who seek to understand themselves better, and uncover patterns within and around to feel more prepared and in-control of their lives. Rather than viewing our cycles are burdensome, we can learn to celebrate the beauty of our own nature. If we cannot control our own tides, then we must learn to flow with them instead of against.

Intentions of Cycles Journal

*Celebrate our fluxes and flows which are usually shamed, repressed, or dreaded by both society and ourselves.

*Highlight the importance of holding space, time and energy for ourselves and cycles.

*Remind you to practice self-care, love and empowerment ~ taking care of ourselves should be a priority!

*Help those of all ages with cycles understand their patterns better.

*Help you connect & heal more deeply to yourself and in turn others.


Daily symptom tracking alongside moon phases

Each weekly spread contains: daily moon phases, easy-to-use tracking charts, frequency and intensity of each symptom.

space for journaling & intention setting per phase

Plenty of space to journal daily alongside symptoms. There is also space for intention setting per moon phase, and space to create your own rituals & affirmations.

monthly insight, natural remedies, astrology

Each month’s calendar overview of the moon’s phases, some astrology for the month, an illustration & tips/remedies & rituals from myself & amazing contributors!

monthly check-ins & more!

Monthly checks-ins to help you identify patterns in your cycle, help you prepare for your next bleed, and remind you to do your monthly self- breast & vaginal exam!


“If we cannot control our own tides, then we must learn to flow with them instead of against.”

Cycles Journal  |  Rachael Amber

cycles sow1.jpg

Cycles Journal is here to remind and empower us to prioritize self-care in our lives.

I truly believe that through uncovering the patterns that affect us most, we can learn to love and understand ourselves better, and nothing can stop us from thriving then.

Each of our human forms contain an ocean within, which I believe is no less affected by the moon than Earth’s own oceans. We are ever-changing like the moon and tides. Within these depths of us lie patterns and signs, many of which are yet to be discovered.

It’s time to turn inward to listed to your own guidance, and upward to the lunar influence that exists as a part of us all.


sink deeper into the sacred nature of your flow with

Cycles 2020

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The Journal

cycles 2020 mockup sqr.jpg

The Journal

Cycles 2020 will be 4x the length of last year’s journal - with much more space for journaling and easier designs for symptom tracking and pattern identification! It will be a

  • 6x9”

  • Spiral-bound

  • Hard-cover

  • Recycled paper inside

  • 200-250 pages

  • High-quality, local printing


The inside

The above picture shows last year’s journal. This year’s will be just as beautiful, but with more detail in showing every single day’s moon phase.

  • 12 monthly spreads with tips & illustrations

  • 52 weekly spreads for symptom & moon phase tracking

  • Plenty of space for journaling


the art

I create all of the artwork and content in the journal (with an exception to contributor’s monthly tips!) from the bottom of my heart, out of the desire to create a safe space for all of us who experience some form of a menstrual cycle to connect deeper to our own selves. There is art scattered within the journal, and it is also available in the form of art prints, an enamel pin, tote bag, and fabric wall hanging/bandana.


This Journal is a Safe Space

gratitude cyccles stamp lg.jpg

This journal is for anyone with a uterus, no matter their gender, age, flow, etc. Those who bleed, once bled, or wish to bleed again.

This journal is suitable and intended for all who bleed, regardless of age, gender-identity, sexuality, or any physiological traits. This journal is a safe space.

Q. What if I don’t bleed currently? Is this journal for me?

A. This journal is for anyone with a uterus, regardless of what it does. While it is geared towards those who are menstruating, there is no reason someone in pre-menopause, menopause, pregnancy, or with an inconsistent cycle couldn't use this. You can use it for any kind of symptom tracking by just changing certain symptoms to your own!

For those of you who take a form of hormonal birth control but don’t bleed or experience inconsistent cycles because of it, I’d say this journal can be extra helpful! This journal can help you track altered or irregular cycles. It can also help you track naturally if you use natural forms of birth control.

For those of you who are in the years that you should be bleeding, but don’t, this journal can also help you! You still experience hormones and other influences of flow, so track away!

For those of you who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or trying to prevent pregnancy, this journal can help you track fertility and other symptoms you may be looking out for!

For those of you who are pre- or post-menopausal: this journal can help, although it is geared towards those menstruating.


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